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Do you know your target audience?

Our Customer Segmentation studies are designed to analyze customer behavior, percentage of propensity and opportunity segments within certain groups. We generate customer profiles according to our research and predictive modeling to understand your target audiences and optimize future outreach efforts.

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Is your company on the right path?

A Market Intelligence study can help to uncover gaps and opportunity segments as well as identifying competitors and similar products in the market to appraise competitive strengths and vulnerabilities, develop your product line, determine your advertising and selling strategy, and set precise marketing objectives.

Wanting to learn more About where your visitors and customers are originating from?

About where your visitors and customers are originating from?

Our Location Visit Report (LVR) is a comprehensive data tool to visualize, measure and maximize revenue generated from targeted media campaigns. This is a great tool for tourism agencies, retail and hospitality businesses wanting to understand who is visiting their physical locations to improve marketing efforts and increase ROI.

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How it works

We connect all of your organization’s data sources to Our Intelligence Hub and give you access to a custom-built, easy to understand dashboard

Data Connection

Our team connects all applications your business runs in to our Intelligence Hub.

Data Process

Once your data is in our intelligence Hub, our team of business analysts will process and model it.

Data Access

Dedicated in understanding your business & how best to provide actionable insights that drive your business forward.

Data Activation

Our segments resemble a “look-a-like” audience designed from your best, historical customers.

4. Predictive Modeling

We build and test predictive models formulated on statistical probability of desired result.

5. Audience Creation

We formulate predictive look-a-like audience segments of prospective new customers.

6. Activation

The refined, predictive audience segment is activated by media of choice..

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1. Raw Data

We process visitor or customer data.

2. Research

We process in-depth research on geo-spatial elements that can be added to the data set.

3. Analysis

We refine, append, enrich, and structure the initial raw data to custom built master data sets for deeper analysis.

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Our Intelligence Hub was designed to provide a gateway to millions of data points. Easily integrate with robust data sets designed to provide you actionable insights and fill any data gaps.
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We enrich data with our and create customized reports according to your needs

Our Data
Company Data
More than 10,000 Data Points
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Customer Segmentation
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Market Intelligence

We enrich your data with our Intelligence Hub to create customized reports according to your needs

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